Friday, October 21, 2011

iPhone Apps Development

iPhone apps development is popular among software developers at the moment. The market for iPhone apps is huge. From 2007 to 2011, there has been an estimated 130 million iPhones that were sold. Developers are aware of these numbers because countless applications have already been released: from games, business tools, entertainment, to social networking.

Join the bandwagon of these developers and think about an app that you think would be a hit to the consumers. If you could convince even just a million of these iPhone users to purchase your application, you are already very lucky. The good news is, you can develop an application on your own. You don’t need a publisher, distribution partner, or a specialized hardware just to code one. All you need is your own Mac for programming and an iPhone for testing.

Mac Machine and iPhone only
iPhone Apps development needs only simple hardware for you to start. First hardware requirement is an Intel-based Mac. It can be a Mac mini or Macbook Pro – that’s it. Due to the size, these laptops can be carried anywhere. It’s a far cry from traditional application coding wherein programmers use bulky hardware.

Aside from Mac machine, an iPhone is essential to test your app: to catch bugs and to see overall impact of the final product. You are coding an iPhone application so it will be best to test it on an actual iPhone.

Software Essentials
First, download the software development kit at the iOS development site. It already includes iPhone simulator, performance analyzers, interface builders, complete documentation, and Xcode.

One essential software is Xcode. Developed by Apple, these suite of tool are used to develop Mac OS X and iOS software. This is already part of the free software development kit from the iOS development site. Xcode v3 is currently available for free download at the Apple Developer Connection site. The Xcode suite supports most popular programming languages like AppleScript, C, C++, Java, Objective C, Objective C++, Ruby, and Python. If unfamiliar with these languages, tutorial books and online guides are always there to guide you.

For images of your application, you will need a graphics editing software. The popular choice would be Adobe Photoshop but other graphic software like Corel Paint Shop, Helicon Filter, or GIMP can still do the job. For as long as the software can edit bitmap and vector images, any image editor will do.

Another essential is the audio editing software. Apple’s own Logic Pro can do the job but you can also use other editors like Virtual DJ, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Audition, and Amadeus.

Interface Items
Remember to the follow Apple’s guidelines regarding interface. Native interface items include status bar, navigation bar, tab bars, tool bars, table views, predefine buttons, sliders, and paging indicators.

And don’t forget to register as one of the official developers of iPhone under the iPhone Developer Program. For just $99, you are allowed to test the app on your actual iPhone device. It also allows you to display your finished product on the Apple merchandise store.

For more details about IPhone Apps Development, visit Apple’s official developer site.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is a HUD Home?

Having trouble acquiring your own property because of the skyrocketing real estate prices? Opt for a HUD Home instead. You can get one with as low as 3.5% down payment and minimum credit score prerequisite. An HUD home is a property acquired by the government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD owns these properties when a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage loan borrower fails to fulfill his payment duties.

HUD properties are then marketed by several Marketing and Management (M&M) contractors in the country. The details of the housing offer are posted online and the house is available for bidding. Only HUD-registered brokers can submit a bid for an interested buyer. HUD homes are intended for owner occupants who have no history of HUD property purchases in the past two years and commit to living in the residence for a minimum of one year.

There are special programs that offer HUD homes in discounted rates. For example, there is the Good Neighbor Next Door Program (GNND) which offers a 50% slash off the original price in revitalization areas for interested buyers who have the following occupations: police officers, elementary teachers, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters.

One advantage in getting an HUD home is the 203k rehab loan. You can acquire a loan that is higher than what you paid for the property and use the excess cash for home improvement and repairs. You can now paint the whole house and add a few carpets if you want.

Another advantage is the quality of your neighborhood. You are assured that the majority of your neighbors are real owner occupants and not investor buyers because HUD offers the properties to homeowner buyers first. There are two kinds of real estate buyers: owner occupants and investor buyers. Investor buyers just purchase a property with pure business in mind. They will not take of the property. Owner occupants on the other hand, will take care of the place and preserve its beauty.

There is a bid deadline for the properties. On regular estate sales, you can simply give your offer and the brokers will respond to you after the end of the bidding process if you get the property. If unsuccessful, you will hear nothing from them. With HUD sales, you will be informed if your bid is accepted or even if it is not. If you win the bid, you must send a certified check within 48 hours or else the house will be returned to the market.

The big challenge when you plan to buy an HUD home is finding one before someone else buys it first. Since the prices of these properties are way below the market value, these public homes are sold fast. HUD bidding lasts maximum of nine days only. If interested, you need to confirm everyday if the property you want is still available.

If you really want to avail HUD housing, ask help from a real estate broker with HUD registration. The broker will be able to keep you updated with the latest offers, news, and advice. He will also tell you if your bid has been accepted within 24 hours after you passed your offer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Natural Treatments for Muscle Pain Relief

By: Seph the Writer

Muscle pain can be either due to overuse of muscle or old age. When muscles are stretched beyond capacity, the area will be inflamed and is painful. Muscle pain treatment should be applied to the affected area. There are natural treatments that can heal the area and cause muscle pain relief without sacrificing the budget.

Natural pain relief methods include herbs. Consumption of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and flavanoids encourages faster cell regeneration. Cell regeneration heals damaged muscle cells easing the affected area quickly. Plums, Oranges, and other Citrus fruits are rich in this vitamin.

Muscle pain relief is also ensured in herb compress. A herb salve infused with lavender oil, cayenne pepper, mint, witch hazel, wintergreen and chamomile will increase blood circulation and ease felt pain. For faster results, heating these herbs for a lukewarm application is recommended.

You can also opt to drink hot tea made of skullcap, rosemary, or amica. These natural herbs are nature’s source of muscle pain treatment. Drinking herbal tea reduces muscle spasms and sprain injury.

Lastly, pain control and muscle pain treatment can also be achieved through relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation. These exercises aim to increase pain tolerance and eliminate stress caused by tired muscles.

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Shoulder Pain Relief Tips for Quick Recovery

By: Seph the Writer

A shoulder injury is an agonizing experience. The muscle pain impedes daily tasks so shoulder pain relief should be administered immediately.

Shoulder pain targets back muscles, joints, and ligaments. Pain is felt when these areas inflame or the muscles are overworked. An injured rotator cuff is the common cause of shoulder injury.

For quick recovery, the first thing to do is take over-the-counter drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects of the drug helps in fast shoulder pain relief. Before taking these drugs though, you must confirm with your physician if it is safe for your body as it may have side effects.

Avoid overusing the affected area. If you can, prohibit the shoulders from doing physical movements. Rest it for at least 48 hours to give the body time to heal. In some cases, an arm sling is advised.

You can also apply cold compress on the affected area. Press firmly an ice pack on the affected shoulder and let it stay there for at least 20 minutes. Repeat the process every 6 hours until relief is felt.

If pain still exists after the suggested first aid measures, consult the doctor immediately. The shoulder injury can be a result of another disease and if the doctor can pinpoint the cause earlier, ample treatment will be administered immediately.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009


by: Seph the Writer

Finding reasons to enjoy life? Like wall clocks, we won’t tick if there is no battery to drive us. There are times where we feel that our lives are worthless. If you are having difficulty in finding means to enjoy life, we provided some tips to boost your morale.

Go out and do something

Keep the boredom away by putting on an active lifestyle. Immerse yourself on activities that make you productive. You can try a new sport or join an organization. Avoid making yourself idle. Bear in mind that an idle mind and body makes you feel useless. In finding activities, prioritize those that utilize physical skills rather than sedentary ones. The more senses the activity involves, the better. When all the parts of your body are at work, you will forget the feeling of being worthless.

Divulge yourself in a positive light

Thinking positive thoughts really brightens the day. When you think, focus on positive feelings like happiness, joy, and laughter. Avoid basking in negative thoughts like jealousy, anger, and sadness. Think that in every situation, there is always a good result: a good event brings out good memories while a bad event creates good life lessons.

Socialize and make bonds

Life is indeed worthless if you spend it alone. Search for people with the same interests as yours. Join a Mountain Climbing Society if you like nature. You will be amazed how much meaning in life your small talks produce. From there, choose people that you can call the closest and cherish the bonds that you make. If you are a bit shy, joining an online social site can be a good start. However, remember that a personal relationship is Nth times better than a virtual one.

Give yourself a deadline

Long-term planning is rewarding. Buy yourself a planner and jot down things that you would like yourself to accomplish at the end of the year. Set deadlines and follow it strictly. If you stick to your deadlines, nothing will beat the feeling of fulfillment.

Document your journey

Track your life. Write about it on a journal or a blog. Documenting your life allows release of the day’s tension. You transfer your emotions to your journal and let it settle for a while. When you read it after the emotions are stabilized, you may be amazed at how you react on certain situations. This way, you know where you can improve and sense your real value.

Be content and ambitious

In fancy terms, this is enabling yourself to fly to the farthest skies while keeping one foot on the ground. Deal with what you have right now and revolve your life around it. Do not covet on the things that you do not have at present. Yearn for new things but always take note of the reality. If it is not yet feasible, don’t hurt yourself by dreaming for the impossible. Do not compare what you have with what others have. Learn to be calm in one side, always ready to seize when an opportunity appears.

Reward yourself

Reflect on yourself sometimes and reward life by giving it a break. You do not need to achieve something monumental just to praise yourself. The aim here is to appreciate your value. Reward yourself even in “small” achievements like you said hi to the person you hate. Rewards can be as simple as patting yourself in the back.

Get a partner

Life has more colors and meaning if you have someone to share it with. Choose a person that you are very sure you can spend your eternity with. Love can indeed add meaning to life and act as battery to our ticking clocks too.

Friday, July 3, 2009


by: Seph the Writer

Gone were the days when clothes are mere protection for the body from the environment.In today’s modern times, clothes signify one’s personality and fashion sense. As a woman, we all know you have a big weakness for clothes. As long as you have the extra money, we say you should divulge yourself in this rewarding vice. We bring you tips to ensure you get maximum value from the woman's garments you buy.

Especially if you are petite, wear solid colors. Solid colors make you look taller and attractive. You also look more elegant and sophisticated when you wear solid colors. Women’s garments with just one color are pleasing to the eye compared to printed ones. If you are invited to a gathering and are not sure what type of event it will be or what type of people you will face, a dress with solid colors is a perfect choice.

Now if you really need to wear that printed dress, choose patterns that complement your body type, skin, and hairstyle. For example, if you have big bust, wearing a blouse with curvy patterns on the chest is a bad choice. Go for abstract patterns. A whole dress with an Eiffel Tower background on it is a comical choice but a poor selection. Consider the lines in the clothes. Women’s garments with vertical lines make the wearer taller. Horizontal lines, on the other hand, make the wearer wider. If you already are a plump person, avoid dress with horizontal lines even if you see your favorite actress wearing one on TV.

Purchase more clothes with classic styles. Why? You wouldn’t want to look back at your pictures in the future and laugh at the clothes you are wearing. Go for the timeless look. Keep an eye on clothes that never go out of style. They will look good on you, and if you are fond of it, you can recycle the dress 5 years later without someone even noticing it.

Add personal styles to your clothes with the use of ladies’ accessories. Women’s garments are boring when worn by themselves but they transform into exciting pieces with jazz of accessories. Belts, shoes, scarves, jewelries, eyewear, and hats add personal touch to your dress.

You don’t need to spend lots of cash just to look good. Good taste and proper budgeting are the keys for you to choose clothes that suit you.